Global stocks up amid China’s new offer

Global stocks increased under the new proposal from China to conclude a trade agreement with Washington. Growth is limited by the uncertainty over the 16-month trade war and its further implications for the global economy.

Growing political risks in the United States and the UK and weak economic data have undermined market sentiment.

Stocks by European standards recovered from a downturn to three-week lows since the news of the US bill in Hong Kong appeared.

The pan-European STOXX 600 Index rose 0.77%.

Following China’s announcement that the government agreed to work with the United States to tackle global trade problems, Wall Street futures strengthened.

The global economy forges ahead. This year, the Organization for Economic Cooperation made the slowest forecast for the last ten years about an increase of 10.9%.

Such instability is expressed in weak data, which indicate that business growth in the eurozone has stopped this month, that is, activity in this service sector is extremely slow.

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